Tuesday, April 29, 2008

k well as most of you know i live for the zoo in the summer time we go everyday pretty much sometimes we even go twice a little absessive i know but i LOVE the zoo well we went on saturday and it was so much fun we went at like 10 in the morning and all the animals were awake and going crazy it was awesome so here are some pics in my slide show of the kids at the zoo it also was earthday so they had lots of fun activities for the kids to do!! also my sister krista told me that they built a new play ground there for the kids so we decided to check it out and its awesome there are some pictures of it here and i dont know the people in the one picture but my hubby is in the other one so if anyone ever wants to go to the zoo and wants someone to go with i will always be willing to go!!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

and here is my potty trained Birthday Boy i cant even believe that he is 3 already time goes so fast it makes me sad but happy atleast i know i have many years to come with my trouble maker with the biggest heart ever! i just love him
this is just another view of aidens awesome cake that we made for him!!
This is Aidens birthday cake that me and mike and teresa made for his 3rd birthday!! it was a lot of fun i think that mike had more fun than i did! mikes sister lisa makes all of her girls birthday cakes and she is very great at it so she inspired me and this was a lot of fun i would recommend it to everyone i already have austins all planned out!!
k well its been a while but not much has been going on me and mike got new callings and well they are kinda strange but our calling is Temple goers i know your all thinking what the heck is that i know that's what went through my mind at the time well not exactly that but close anyway we have to go to the Idaho falls temple once a week and the calling lasts from 6-12 months!! I'm not gonna lie at first i was way weirded out by it but now i think that it will be a great thing for me and mike!! we couldn't even make it to the temple once a month so i think that it will be good if we can ever find a babysitter that is gonna be the biggest challenge i think it wasn't bad when you had one or two children but four is a whole other story!! anyway just so all of you know Aiden is completely potty trained even through the night and naps YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!! its so great now i only have 2 in diapers but you would be amazed at how much money that saves us!!! And you all know me i am cheap anything that i can do to save money!! well thank you for all of your ideas and comments to the potty training thing.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

hey well sorry to everyone about my potty training blog i have no clue what happened to that one i dont even know what i did to do the symbols anyway hope someone can figure it out it is quite funny actually i laughed so goo luck!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


OK well i think that i have decided that i don't want to potty train my kids anymore!! i hate hate hate it!! i feel like i have failed because they just don't get it! this is how my day has gone with aiden (who will be 3 on Sunday) first we put underwear on him and he peed so we put another pair of underwear on him and he lasted a while so he said he wanted to go potty so i took him and he went only he shooted it everywhere so the next time we tried standing and shooting it in the toilet and well for all of you out there who has a boy it went everywhere so then we tried shooting at a cheerio and well lets just say Austin had a wonderful snack out of the toilet(yes i threw up in my mouth) but what can you do boys will be boys but i will say that in the end i just put a diaper on him so FRUSTRATING!!!! so if anyone has some suggestions i am so open for them.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

well i was lucky enough to be tagged by Nancy (thank you Nancy) so now i have to tell 7 things that you all may not know about me this will be tricky!!

1- Some of you may not know i am addicted to general hospital i watch it everyday and if i miss it then i record it(love the dvr) and my husband is now addicted as well he gets mad if i watch it with out him
2- The next thing is me and my husband have been married almost 5 years now and we have moved exactly every 6 months of our marriage.
3- I cry at everything i watch me and mike were watching a movie on lifetime and i cried and it was sooo embarrassing!
4- I secretly all growing up and even now would love to be a social worker or a counselor for children in need of help!
5- I love the elderly i think that they are so dang cute i was a CNA for a long time and i absolutely loved it every time i see a little old man i think that i just want to know everything about him they make my day!!
6- If i could afford more kids i would have 8 they i know that sounds awful but its hard these days but i always say you never truly know joy until you have kids so why wouldn't you want all the joy you could possibly have!!
7- I have to admit this was alot harder than i thought and number 7 is the hardest but here it is the one church calling i long to have is to work in the young women's i think that it would be so much fun and such an awesome experience i someday hope to get that experience!!

thanks Nancy has hard as that was i really enjoyed it now i tag Shannon, Melissa, Lisa, Ashley, Traci, and Jill

Sunday, April 6, 2008

woo hoo well i found out on friday that i passed my boards thank goodness i was so worried but i now am a registered cosmetologist yesssssssss!!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

these are some of adlers pictures that sarah took of him i love them they are so funny and he is super cute he will be 4 months old i cant even believe it they just grow way to fast!!