Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A new member of our family!!!


We got a dog yes we are very excited about it at first i wasnt so sure 4 kids and a puppy did sound like that much fun, however now that we have her i love her. She is a weimranar(i have no clue how to spell it just sound it out) she is so fun she is still really scared but i think she will come out of that i hope!! She has taken a liking to out kids though.

She likes them when they are not chasing her around the house with toys. I think that i am her favorite, she has been rather easy to potty train as well. She has only had 2 accidents in the house, other than that she has done good. I now know that i am not a little dog person i much perfer the big dogs!!
Also we named her Sadie

Thursday, September 11, 2008

K well good news that "OH CRAP" at the end of my last blog was this...yes that is desetin(sp?) (well you know butt cream), so the good news is that austin wont have a rash under his nose or on his chin anytime soon. Now for the bad news i dont know how much he ate!!! So again i find myself having to call poisen control i think that they know me by my first name by now!!...........

Good news Austin will live they say that he would have had to eat a ton of it and hes not throwing up so thats a good sign!!!!

If this child lives till he is 3 we will be so blessed!!
alright well i know that i have been absent and i havent posted for a while, but i will i have so much to show and say i just have a hard time finding time. So when i can find some time i will post some pics for now here is what has been going on.....

1. We bought a house WOO HOO!!!!!!!
2. Averi started pre-school!!
3. Averi and aiden started dance, aiden is in an all boy hip hop class he loves it.
4. Averi quit pre-school she said to mike last night"i just want to quit and you cant change my mind". and she did she would not go this morning!!
5. well thats all but it has been busy oh crap i gotta go i will be back