Sunday, November 23, 2008

Have you ever loved some one or something so much that it just consumes you? That is how i feel about my family i know weired huh for those of you who really know me this is an odd thing i know. But i was watching a movie last night and it was about a mother who was dying of breast cancer and she and her teenage daughter were affraid that they wouldnt ever really know each other anyway it was sad so when i went in to tuck all my kids in to bed i just look at them sleeping and cant help but to feel so much love for them that it just consumes me for a minute. You know how there are girls or women out there that say " I know that i was born to be a mother." well thats not me at all i didnt ever feel that way but i dont think that you have to feel that way to wanna just be a mom, I think that it is awesome that women feel that way dont get me wrong but those of you who know me know thats not me at all!! But lately I look up to those women who just know i am so nervouse about raising my kids in this world it scares me. Every night when i go in to tuck in averi I just sit and look at her, i find myself loving her so much it hurts and at the same time saying a little prayer for her that she will be so strong in this world that i brought her into, that she can make it and be so strong, but mostly to stand up for what we believe I just think that its gonna be so much scarier for them!!! Well i dont really know the reason for this blog except for the fact that i just had these thoughts and i wanted to share them!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Me and My Hubba Bubba!!!!!!

Carrie and dave sooooooooooo cute!!

Kris and Sarah soooooooo hott!

Me and My peeps just like old times!!

well a couple of weekends ago we had a date night with carrie, dave, sarah, and kris we had so much fun after a diner at the Road house we went cosmic bowling!! Even though it was way to expensive and not as cool as i remember it to be it was so much fun i havnt laughed so hard in a long time we all had tons of fun as you can see in our pictures thanks carrie and sarah we definantly need to do it again!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


K well these pics are from last year but i am so ready for Christmas i cant even stand it i want to decorate my lovely new house with lots and lots of Christmas stuff but mike keeps telling me no!! EVERY day he tells me no, that i cant decorate until the day after thanksgiving!! BAH HUMBUG!! but these are just cute pics i didn't have a blog last year so here are some fun pics!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Well my sisters all were at my house and our kids got to go trick or treating all together it was tons of fun! The 2 genies are kali's girls and the super girl and ducky are my sister kristas the wizard of oz crew are mine it was so much fun!!

Hey well i know this is a couple of days late but things have been crazy busy!! here are just a few halloween pictures it was so much fun my little scarecrow was the last man standing he fought for every piece of candy that he got. It eas so much fun it seems like the older that they get the funner halloween gets!!