Sunday, October 26, 2008


ok well I decided that it was time for a change!! As most of you all know i am one that needs alot of change in my life and since i cant move every six months anymore then this is my next best thing!! So i went to my wonderful most bestes friend Brittannia's house in poky and i told her kinda what i wanted and told her to do what ever she wanted and this is the fabulous masterpiece that she created!!! SHE IS AWESOME and I'm not just saying that she really is!!

This is a horrible picture but you can see my hair and that is what matters gotta love fall!! Anyway thank you so much britt!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Ok well here is a new post for you! I wasn't going to post about this but sarah talked me into it so here it goes......

Alright so yesterday i was driving down sunny side and all my kids were asleep, As usual i wasn't paying attention while i was driving and i had to very quickly slam on my brakes!! well averi was siting in her seat and the most wonderful responsible mother that i am i forgot to buckle her in her seat belt, so as i slammed on my breaks i hear this big thump and i look back and averi was on the ground whining. Then all the sudden she stood up and all she said was "OH MY HELL", then she got back in her seat and went right back to sleep. I know that some of you are wondering where she may have heard this well it is true ocasionaly those word do slip out of my mouth once or four times a day!!!

Well there is my story i hope that you enjoyed it as much as i did when it happened and as i always say never a dull moment in my life being a mother of 4 children 4 and under!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

MY SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!

Alright well sarah always get to hear about all my exciting things that happen in my house all day, and let me tell you there are tons. So today i was in the kitchen on the phone talking to sarah and i was getting ready you make lunch, well i needed a pan and it was in the dishwasher and so i open the door and this is what i find..... yes those are socks that got washed in the dishwasher!! i know gross but hey when a 4,3,2,and 10 month old are left at home with their dad this is what happens oh how i LOVE my life!!!!!