Wednesday, May 21, 2008

OH YEAH............

Thanks melissa that was fun!! and i tag sarah, cassie, kali, heather, and lisa have fun girls and you better do it or i will kick your butts love you all!!
I got tagged by Melissa Belnap thank you, this is what i love about blogging!!

WHO DO YOU LOVE? i love everyone that loves and supports me in everything that i do!!
WHO SAID "I LOVE YOU FIRST"?Well i asked mike and he said he doesnt know how sad huh but with school and 4 kids we dont know!!
WHERE DID HE PRPOSE? Up at Mesa falls and in the winter time let me mind you (not very fun either but i will never forget it)
WHO IS SMARTER? Mike for sure we all know me and most of you have gone to school with me i am not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed but i am lots of fun!!
WHO DOES THE LAUNDRY? We both wash and dry it but when it comes to putting it away neither one of us do!!
WHO PAYS THE BILLS? I definantly do or we would be in a ton of trouble!
WHO MOWS THE LAWN? weve never ever had a lawn to mow so i have no clue i would love a lawn even if i had to mow it!!
WHO COOKS DINNER? Most of the time its equal mike will do the meat and i will do the side dishes!!
WHO DRIVES? ME so then i dont have to take care of the screaming kids in the back that cant keep their hands away from each other(poor mike)!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hey well mothers day was a good day i got pancakes and 4 kids in bed it was great!! and as mike said " i got to sleep in 30mins longer than him" so that was good!! well mike got me a sewing machine and i am very excited about that!! so the morning was good then i think that mike got mothers day turned into "mikes" day maybe it was the "M" in mothers day that made him think that it was mikes day i don't know i am still confused but in the long run it was a good day!! also we are building a house YEAH!! its in Idaho falls we got our lot and in June they will dig the hole we hope then they will have it done in 90 days i know that's fast huh well i think that it is perfect i am so excited and so nervous at the same time i don't want the payment but if you look at what is out there for the money to rent or even to buy its hellaexpensive so i am very very excited!! i will keep you all posted and post some pictures when there is some to post!!!